The Diseases and Pests That Attack Strawberries

Diseases and pests

Fruit farmers sometimes experience plant diseases and pests that affect their plants and lower the yield. Some of these diseases and pathogens may lead to crop destruction if not discovered in good time.

Strawberry diseases may either affect the plant or fruit; and sometimes both. It is important to be able to identify various diseases and pests for proper remedy. Swift control of strawberry’s related diseases will avert a great loss and ensure an increased harvest of the produce. Let’s identify the common diseases and their remedies.

Some of Strawberries Diseases and pests

Leaf Blight (Phomopsis Obscurans)

Diseases and pestsIf you notice leaf spots on that are light grey with a reddish/purple outer ring you have reason to suspect this disease. It also affects the berries leaving them purplish brown and sunken. The fruit ends up drying.

Controlled through the application of the right chemicals. Elimination of fruiting canes and getting rid of weeds also helps to prevent this bug.


This is when the plant has exaggerated bloom but low or no yield at all. A virus is suspected to be the cause of this problem.

Sterile berry plants can be avoided by uprooting them once noticed. Also, avoid interplanting a yielding plant with a sterile one.

Myocis (Phytophtora Cactorum)

A reddish brown discoloration is the main sign that the plant is affected. It occurs due to fungal infection and can be prevented by plant immersion before planting.

Gray Mold (Botrytis cinerea)

this is also a fungal infection. It occurs during the wet season or damp conditions that cause the fruit to rot. It starts as a brown mold and develops until the berries ripen messing the harvest completely.

Plant in well-drained soil and avoid too much use of nitrogen concentrated fertilizers. It can also be treated through chemical intervention.

Strawberry plant can also be affected by pests like wireworms, subterranean caterpillar, beetles, and plant lice. These pests take different methods to control and you should seek help once you spot them.