Fresh Fruits That Will Beat Your Belly Fat!

Fruits for weight loss

Belly FatBelly fat hangs, it sags, and isn’t the kind of luggage anyone wants to carry around! Are you ready to overcome that stubborn belly flab?

Despite doctors and nutritionists stressing that is no elixir to permanently eliminate tummy fat, several professionals concur that eating fruits can enhance your fat burning journey. Coupled with a rigorous exercise regime, portion control, and a balanced diet, you will be sure to burn more than just that belly fat.

You should incorporate the following fruits into your diet to promote belly fat loss:

Fresh Apple Fruits

High in fibre, these fruits prevent constipation and bloating. Additionally, as apples are chockfull in dense pulp, eating two daily can significantly suppress appetite. This quality is beneficial in reducing food intake facilitating both weight reduction and belly fat loss.

Delicious Yummy Bananas

This super-food is rich in potassium, a key mineral in thwarting fluid retention (which makes your belly look bloated). In this way, bananas help balance your body’s water content by counteracting sodium intake.

Green Apples

Recent research conducted at the University of Washington, concluded that green apples contain compounds with colon cleaning characteristics. Additionally, they are bursting with vitamins and polyphenols which assist in burning fats and toxins to ensure a healthy gut.

Juicy Lemon

Rich in ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), these tart treats are incredible in detoxing the body when added to warm water and taken as a morning drink. Your tummy is bound to feel relieved as toxins are flushed out of your system.

Ripe Papayas

If painful constipation is what ails you, then papayas are your best buddy! They rapidly relieve constipated individuals by improving digestion and softening stool. Also handy, are their anti-inflammatory properties which assuage stomach aches and upsets. The fruit is also an excellent source of Vitamin C which assists in detoxifying the intestines.

Juice Pineapples

These contain high levels of an enzyme called bromelain which helps eliminate toxins from your digestive tract and alleviate bloating. Moreover, pineapples are high in insoluble fibers that serve to promote intestinal health by growing “good” bacteria.

For even more insight on specific fruits, live strong recommends that you eat a variety of berries to enrich your belly burning regime. These should include but are not limited to: blackcurrants, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. Scientists have discovered that their high antibacterial and antiviral characteristics are able to curb stomach upsets that result in diarrhea. This relaxes the digestive tract, enabling improved digestion and perhaps even reducing lipid deposits around the belly.

Are you now convinced you can beat that stubborn belly fat?